About Us

Welcome to Vaishnavi Industries!

Vaishnavi Industries has been a complete solution provider to manufacturing industry since 2000. We are dedicated to quality, precision and durability of workmanship, offering extensive, industry-standard with innovations for better product design and technology. We specialize in Plastic Injection Moulds, Die Casting Moulds, Jigs & Fixtures and Press Tools.

Vaishnavi industries is committed to be a technology leading and effectively managed company in the industries. Over these years, the company has been investing persistently in advanced machinery and equipments, CAD/CAM software, technology development and quality enhancement.

Vaishnavi Industries strives to offer top quality output at a competitive price within the specified time bound ensuring long-term cordial relation with our esteemed customers.

Vaishnavi Industries believes in the golden rule of three words:



The objective of VI is to provide top quality goods and services at a competitive price within the specified time period to ensure lasting cordial relation with our esteemed customers. The objective is achieved by excellent teamwork provided by our able employees. The skill of each employee is honed through regular training sessions. The latest technology update is maintained and utilized as and when required.


To create value, commove our clients through providing the best aerospace and engi-neering products and services, and to be a Company that Our Clients and Society want.


At Vaishnavi Industries, we strive to peak the zenith of design, development and manu-facture of the country’s most advanced metal cutting technologies, including aerospace parts, CAD/CAM designing, and micro-component fabrications.


‘Service before self’ – our clients are at the helm of our priorities

Punctuality and time commitment

Producing sustainable and technologically equipped products

‘Lean management’ – optimizing use of resource and manpower

Committed to serving society as an upcoming entrepreneur

Job satisfaction for our employees


Investing in new and latest technologies

Improving manpower quality

To promote a profitable and sustainable business activity that meets the client’s needs.

To gain the competitive edge.

To increase the company's role with regard to social responsibility.

To maximise quality and to be a firm of choice.


To provide top quality goods and services at a competitive price within the speci-fied time period to ensure lasting cordial relation with our esteemed clients.

Constant improvement and melioration of technical performance and service quality.

To have a positive, free cash flow throughout the life of our business.

To make a sustainable contribution in the progress of our clients as well as the country.

To maximise productivity, through constant up gradation in technologies and dis-cipline.


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